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Intelligent manufacturing | Welding robots are on duty, and welding operations are upgraded intelligently

July 3, 2023    Hawk

China’s equipment manufacturing industry is an important part of the Chinese economy and has become one of the largest manufacturing markets in the world

With the transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry and the continuous advancement of technological innovation, the equipment manufacturing industry is also developing in the direction of high quality, high efficiency, and intelligence.

Welding is widely used in the equipment manufacturing industry. With the acceleration of machine automation transformation, there are more options for automated welding. Welding, in the past, relied too much on skilled and well-trained welders to complete production requirements for higher output and efficiency, especially for welding products with multiple weld seams, high precision, and complex requirements. Traditional manual brazing is difficult to meet processing needs. With the introduction of industrial robots, welding capabilities can be optimized for speed, accuracy, and consistency.

Application of Welding Robot

Our company actively implements intelligent production of equipment. In 2019, it introduced the first welding robot. In the following three years, it successively introduced more than 20 welding robots including gantry welding robots, double ground rail robots, and independent robots, which are mainly used in connecting pipes. , Roller frame, front and rear blocks, and other welding operations for various workpieces. Let robots replace traditional manual welding, and promote the pace of smart manufacturing upgrades.

Advantages of welding robots

The application of welding robots not only reduces the harm to the human body caused by traditional welding work, but also increases the efficiency by more than 2 times, and is still exploring higher possibilities.
And through the setting of the program, welding methods such as angle welding and other inconvenient manual operations can be realized, which ensures the stability of welding to a greater extent, improves the welding strength and the weld seam smooth and beautiful, and the quality is more guaranteed.

Smart Manufacturing

In addition to the introduction of welding robots, our company has also successively introduced advanced equipment such as high-precision CNC lathes and 12,000-watt laser cutting machines in recent years to promote the intelligent production of equipment.
In the context of the era of “China’s smart Manufacturing 2025” national strategy, our company will build three intelligent manufacturing flexible production workshops in the company’s new factory area in combination with the development trend of intelligent manufacturing: intelligent manufacturing processing center flexible production line workshop, automatic welding flexible production line workshop and Laser cutting blanking flexible production line workshop. By creating a modern industrial base that integrates industry and Internet factories, it will realize multi-scenario, multi-functional, and automated production. The three major workshops coordinate with each other to realize the seamless connection of the production process, the production process is precise and efficient, and the product quality is kept improving. At the same time, it promotes the company’s digital transformation and intelligent upgrade, enabling the company’s high-quality and sustainable development.
The progress of science and technology is affecting the rapid development of equipment manufacturing enterprises and leading the direction of the industry. We will continue to strengthen product innovation, technological upgrading, and quality control, increase product-added value, and provide customers with better services and solutions.

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