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Belt conveyor is the main transportation equipment commonly used in industrial and mining enterprises. It is a continuous conveying equipment that uses the conveyor belt as the traction and load-bearing member and carries out material transportation through the movement of the conveyor belt that carries the material. It utilizes the characteristics of internal friction and lateral pressure of the bulk material and is pulled by the driving roller in the direction of its movement in the tape groove so that the internal pressure increases and the internal friction between the particles become larger. When the inclination angle is within a certain range, this internal friction ensures a stable state between the material layers, forming a continuous overall movement. When the internal friction between the material layers is greater than the external friction of the tape, the rollers under the tape move forward together with the material, and when the ratio of internal and external forces meets certain conditions, the material flow is stable.

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Customer Procurement Process Guidelines

XC Intelligent supports customers at every step of the manufacturing process. From prototyping to delivery, each client is assigned a dedicated support team to seamlessly move programs into production. Before the customer purchases, we will communicate with the customer about the detailed customer needs and the actual use of the site, and design the best product plan for the customer according to the actual situation.

Ⅰ.Provide us with detailed usage requirements

Before officially entering into specific product procurement, customers need to provide us with real and specific production requirements (including hourly output, type of processing raw materials, size of processing raw materials, etc.) and production environment conditions (flat land, mountainous areas, or extreme environments, etc.). And tell us whether it is mobile equipment or large fixed production line equipment.

Ⅱ.Technical support, scheme design, and final quotation

After obtaining the exact information provided by the customer, we will design the production equipment scheme according to the actual situation of the customer's production site, and provide all relevant technical support to the customer to ensure that the scheme provided to the customer is the best one. And provide the final quotation to the customer.

Ⅲ.Sign the purchase contract and formally cooperate

After providing all the preliminary plans and our product documents and details to the customer, we will sign a formal contract with the customer if the customer has carefully reviewed it and there is no objection. From now on, our product cooperation is officially started. The contract is not only the guarantee for both of us, but also our responsible commitment and responsibility to our customers.

Ⅳ.Client product installation and testing

After the equipment arrives at the destination required by the customer, we will assist the customer in the installation and commissioning of the equipment. There are two ways, the first is that we provide online technical support to the customer's engineers, and the customer installs and debugs by himself; the second is that our company sends engineers to install and debug. The specific method is determined according to the needs of customers.

Ⅴ.Product testing before leaving the factory

After the product is produced, we will conduct comprehensive multiple tests on the product to ensure that the product is free from defects, so that customers will not encounter product failures during use. Only top-quality products that have passed comprehensive tests and are fully qualified will be delivered to customers.

Ⅵ.Start production of customer's equipment

According to the terms of the purchase contract between us and the customer, we will produce equipment that meets the customer's needs within the specified time. Not only meet the contract requirements in the time limit, but also do our best in quality control, and deliver products that satisfy customers as our central goal.