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  • How should I choose the correct model of equipment to meet my production needs?

    You just need to provide us with real and specific production requirements (including hourly output, type of processing raw materials, size of processing raw materials, etc.) and production environment conditions (flat land, mountainous areas, or extreme environments, etc.). And tell us whether it is mobile equipment or large fixed production line equipment. Finally we will give you the best solution.

  • In addition to crusher equipment and screening machine equipment, do you also supply related wearing parts?

    Of course, Yes. We always supply our customers with wearing parts for all our equipment. Always give customers the support they need.

  • In addition to crushing related equipment, can you also provide other equipment for the entire production chain?

    The answer is, absolutely yes. Although we are only experts in the field of mining equipment crushers and do not produce other equipment, for the convenience of our customers, we will provide customers with the products of our other cooperative enterprises, and guarantee the same quality standard as us. For example, we can provide customers with underground intelligent drilling rig equipment from a brother company in Chengdu, underground engineering boring machines, arch-anchor trolleys, and a series of other equipment related to the industrial chain.

  • Do you have a warranty policy? What is the specific content?

    Yes, we have a very good warranty. Two years (or 3000 hours) from the date of commissioning and production is our warranty period. During this period, if it is not man-made damage and it is determined to be a problem with our equipment itself, we will provide new parts for replacement and repair for free. And we provide lifelong technical support, feedback to customers’ questions within 24 hours, and solve all customer problems within 72 hours, which is effective worldwide. It is the common responsibility of our Xinchen people to reduce the failure rate and ensure the continuous smooth production of customers!

  • What's the equipment lead time?

    It usually depends on whether we have stock in stock of the equipment model you need. Under normal circumstances, if there is stock, it will take up to 2 weeks. If there is no stock, we need 60-120 days for production, depending on your functional requirements for the equipment, the simpler the functional requirements, the shorter the time required.

  • What is your payment terms?

    Our payment term is 30% advance payment and 70% balance payment before shipment.

  • What is the production quality standard of the crushing equipment?

    We strictly implement the GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015 standard as our quality standard for the production of crushing equipment.

  • How to transport the crusher equipment if it is too large, and how to solve the problem that the size exceeds the container?

    For mobile crusher equipment, we don’t need to use containers for transportation, we just need to drive it directly to the deck of the ro-ro ship and fix it to ensure that it does not slide before we can start transportation. For the fixed large-scale crushing production line, we do not need to use containers, we will disassemble the modules to the maximum extent before leaving the factory, fix them into the stainless steel frame to ensure that they do not slide, and then use stainless steel sheets to cover the steel frame to ensure Cleanliness of equipment to avoid damage, Finally, fix these equipment modules on the deck of the transport ship for transportation, the whole process is 100% safe and reliable.

  • What are the main types of power for your company's crushing equipment?

    In order to be environmentally friendly and save energy and reduce the waste of customers’ funds, our main power is basically pure electric power and hybrid power, and a small part uses hydraulic diesel power. Pure electricity is the first choice for power, but we first consider the energy supply conditions of the customer’s actual production environment, so the final choice of power type is still based on the customer’s standpoint.

  • If pure electricity is used as the power source, what is the voltage, and how to adjust the final actual voltage according to environmental requirements?

    Typically, the standard voltage is three-phase, 220 V, 60 Hz. But the actual voltage can be customized according to the customer’s environmental requirements.

  • What type of structure does the device adopt? Can the device be cleaned automatically? Does the equipment have a detection system?

    The crushing equipment adopts casting + welding + mortise and tenon structure, and the whole welding process is completed and controlled internally, and tempering treatment will be carried out after welding to relieve stress. Therefore, not only the quality structure of the product is very stable, but also it will be very convenient and fast for later maintenance, upgrade and replacement of parts. The crushing equipment is equipped with an automatic spray system, which can be cleaned automatically at any time. Large-scale fixed production lines will be equipped with a full-angle monitoring system to ensure the safety, order and stability of production. Other functions can be selected according to the specific needs of customers.

  • Do you offer crushing equipment rental business? Do you also sell used crusher equipment?

    At present, we only provide our company’s mobile crusher and mobile screening machine rental business in China. As for other countries and regions, we will notify you of business growth in this area in the future. Currently, we only support equipment sales in other countries and regions. For second-hand crusher equipment, we do not take the initiative to sell, and we will only carry out specific docking when our customers have this demand, and the second-hand equipment is mainly produced by ourselves, which is convenient for quality control, We refuse to sell products without quality assurance to our customers.

  • Does your company support finance options?

    We can support our customers’ financial options, such as financing equipment purchases. But it must not conflict with our payment terms. Customers can choose to purchase our equipment by installment loan from the financial institution where their household registration is located, and the financial institution will settle the payment with us at one time. In the later stage, the customer only has an economic link with the financial institution and installments according to the terms of the contract with the financial institution Payment. If there is a need in this regard, the customer can apply to the local financial guarantee institution by himself, or he can complete the finance application form of our company, and our company will assist the customer to consult with the financial guarantee institution in the customer’s location. Whether the approval is approved is determined by the local financial guarantee institution. Our company does not have any voting rights, and our company does not have any invisible cooperation with local financial institutions.

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