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xc Intelligent Team and work

To provide customers with the best products is the unanimous goal pursued by all our workers. Our team is not only united, but also very creative and innovative. To develop more advanced and more useful products has always been the direction of our engineering team; to provide customers with better services has always been the creed that our sales team abides by; to always stand with customers and work together to solve problems is our whole Workers, including the boss, share the position that everyone sticks to.

Let's meet our XC Intelligent team

Chengdu Xinchen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located in “Chengdu Shuangliu”, one of the top 100 districts in the country. The company is a professional enterprise integrating independent research and development, design, production, sales, and service. It is mainly engaged in various types of mobile crushing equipment and stationary crushing, screening, washing, feeding, conveying, and centralized cyclone. R & D and production of equipment and other equipment. The products are widely used in the production of sand and gravel aggregates and the crushing and processing of various mineral materials in metallurgy, mining, building materials, transportation, hydropower, steel, construction, energy raw materials, metallurgical waste residue, construction waste treatment, and other industries.

We are a professional research and development and manufacturing enterprise of mobile crushing equipment with unique industry-leading technological advantages. Since the company was established, we have combined years of processing experience accumulated in the crushing processing industry and many years of manufacturing experience in the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, specializing in environmental protection and machinery equipment. R&D, manufacturing, sales, installation, leasing, and service, professionally developed crawler mobile crushing station XC series and other types of crushing equipment, the current main models are: crawler jaw mobile crushing station XC-106, crawler jaw Mobile crushing station XC-120, crawler cone mobile crushing station XC-400, crawler cone mobile crushing station XC-300, crawler mobile screening station XC-2068, crawler mobile impact crushing station XC-8500, crawler mobile The impact crushing station XC-1213, etc., covers the existing working conditions and operating environments in the market, helping users to carry out efficient operations in mining, engineering construction, road construction, earthwork engineering, urban infrastructure construction, and recycling of cement and concrete construction waste. crushing operations.

We Xinchen people have a positive and innovative mentality. We are not satisfied with the successful methods of serving customers in the past, and we are constantly innovating services to make customers more satisfied. The new type of mobile crushing equipment is no longer the fixed sand factory in the past, nor is it simply the enterprise contract system. In the future, it must be a mobile development system led by the Xinchen people. The technology of mobile crushing equipment is mature, the failure rate is low, the demand for operators is small, the management is simple, the production cost is reduced at the same time, and the utilization conversion rate is extremely high! It is unstoppable that mobile crushing equipment has become the mainstream and popular mining machinery! Our high-quality standard is a kind of commitment to customers. Users are not only buyers of mobile crushing equipment, but also suggesters and supervisors of our product quality. We not only provide services, but at the same time, we are also a reliable friend of our customers. We believe that only high quality and high standards will lead to our next cooperation. Xinchen people promise that the speed, method, and quality of after-sales service will satisfy customers 100%. Let us work together for mutual benefit and win-win!

see our work and goal

Environmental friendly GREEN
Safe and reliable
Win-win with customers
Modularization integration systemization
large-scale, global
Our vision: to create a mutually beneficial and win-win platform, and to pursue dreams with partners
Our mission: to manufacture better intelligent equipment, inject the power of technology into many industries such as the mining industry and the sand and gravel industry, and contribute our strength to building a better world
Our principles and ideas: company guidance, independent decision-making, market operation, open development; customer value, people-oriented, realistic and innovative, scientific management, legal operation
Our credo: not lazy, not greedy, not crazy, make progress every day; professional, expert, focused, strive to reach the top