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Xinchen Intelligent Equipment

We provide one-stop crushing solutions under customer demand for any stone and construction crushing applications. For helping contractors and aggregate producers make more money with their materials we started construction machinery business since 1988 and then develop into a professional intelligent equipment research and development manufacturer. In 2018, new brand XC intelligent was established, focus on R&D and production of mobile series crushers and mobile screens.

Professional and Reliable Mobile Crusher Supplier-XC Intelligent

XC INTELLIGENT is the abbreviation of Chengdu Xinchen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. The company is located in Chengdu, China. We are a large intelligent equipment manufacturer. We are professional and reliable experts in the field of mobile crushers(crushing, screening, washing, feeding, transportation, centralized cyclone, and other equipment). Despite this, we also specialize in R&D and manufacturing large-scale fixed crushing and screening production line equipment, underground engineering intelligent equipment, and other large-scale construction and mining equipment.

XINCHEN INTELLIGENT is a new company and new brand independent from our old company in 2018, it’s only focusing on R&D and production of mobile series crushers and mobile screens. Because we have more than 30 years of experience and technology in the crusher industry, we have been a leading brand in the mobile crusher industry since XC INTELLIGENT was established. Although we and the old company operate independently of each other, we still share product research and development results with each other. We just focus on different research and development directions, and we are still one. Large stationary crushing and screening lines will be provided by our old company DHL Machine(Chengdu Dahongli Machinery Co., Ltd). Products other than crushers and related products will be provided by some of our other brother companies. We just share our XC INTELLIGENT company platform with them, one reason is to allow our customers to have more possibilities to choose related products, and the other reason is that some of our brother companies have first-class product quality and technical services, which are worth showing to customers, Everything starts from the interests of our customers so that our customers get the highest quality products and the best services from us.

Because we are an independent new brand, in terms of main colors, we have adopted a new color scheme, we use blue and white, the main meaning is to advance bravely on the road of science and technology and continue to protect the world to give the world a healthy environment with blue sky and white clouds. Our old company DHL Machine more directly adopt the main color of green, adhering to green technology and environmental protection.

In addition, we not only have our own research and development patents but also carry out technical cooperation with other well-known international brands (such as Komatsu Industries, etc.). Therefore, we are not only the first-class echelon in terms of quality, but also the first-class echelon in terms of user comfort. Our equipment products can be adapted to various production environments around the world, including the most extreme high-altitude and extreme cold conditions. 

Because of our high-quality production process control and cost-refinement management, coupled with our natural cost advantages in the supply of raw materials and accessories for production in China, we can control the cost very low (for example, if our fixed production line quality Reaches 85% of the quality of Sandvik’s top products of the same kind, then our price will only be 1/3 of it). In any case, in the field of crushers, we have the dual advantages of high quality and low price. This is also the advantage that we are worthy of being chosen by customers!

Why Can Count On Us ?

Due to our more than 30 years of continuous technology research and development, we have become extremely professional in the ore crushing equipment industry, so our products have also become leaders in the same industry. For the quality of our products, we are absolutely meticulous. Using the most exquisite technology and the best raw materials, we can achieve lower profits and higher quality than those in the same industry. We are absolutely the king of cost performance in the ore crushing equipment industry.
CE Certification

Exquisite Manufacturing

We not only have exquisite production technology, but also continue to innovate

Energy Efficient

Our equipment is powered by electricity, greatly reducing fuel consumption

Environmentally Friendly

Almost zero emissions since our equipment uses electricity

Safe and Reliable

Our equipment is very safe and reliable, it's save you money in disguise

Environmental Management System Certification

Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

Quality Management System Certification

CE certification

National quality inspection stable and qualified products

AAA grade credit enterprise of China Sand and Gravel Association

China Well-Know Trademark Medal

Patent display

About Our Factories-XC Intelligent & DHL Machine

Welcome to XC Intelligent

Chengdu Xinchen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shuangliu Chengdu China. The company is a professional enterprise integrating independent research and development, design, production, sales, and service.

XC Intelligent Front Desk

Chengdu Xinchen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shuangliu Chengdu China. XC INTELLIGENT is a specialist in the field of mobile crushers and mobile screens.

Production Workshop

We adopt an international standard production workshop, a combination of intelligent automated robot production lines and manual optimization of production.

Workshop Workers Are Working

Our workers are all engaged in production with the spirit of craftsmen in a big country who strive for excellence and are meticulous in product quality and details. In order to ensure the delivery of the best products to customers, we are never sloppy.

Qualified Products Just Off The Production Line

The product types of XC INTELLIGENT are mobile Jaw Crusher, Cone Crusher, Impact Crusher, Shock Crusher, and Screener.

Product Delivered To Customer

We have an efficient, safe and reliable product delivery process. After the product is produced and passed the inspection, we will deliver it to the customer as quickly as possible.

XC Intelligent at the large machinery exhibition

We actively participate in various exhibitions in related fields to bring our best products to more customers in need.
DHL Machine Introduction

DHL Machine is our old company before XC Intelligent, it’s full name is Chengdu Dahongli Machinery Co., Ltd. Now it is still developing on the original basis, getting better and better, and it is already a listed company in China. Chengdu Dahongli Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Dayi Industrial Park, Chengdu. It is a listed company engaged in the manufacture of sand and gravel equipment and manufacturing services. Provide customers with three types of products: sand and gravel complete production line, environmental protection intelligent sand and gravel crushing plant, and green material science and technology park.

The company’s product sales and service network covers all provinces and cities across the country and many countries and regions along the “Belt and Road”, providing round-the-clock services for Chinese and foreign customers.

Relying on the unremitting pursuit of technological innovation, the company has successively won honors such as National High-tech Enterprise, Provincial Technology Center, Specialized Special New Enterprise, National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, etc. The preparation of national and industry standards such as “Technical Requirements for Production of Complete Sets of Equipment” and other national and industry standards; the three major R&D and manufacturing bases provide strong support for the company’s products to realize the production generation, reserve generation, and research and development generation.

The company adheres to the corporate vision of creating a mutually beneficial and win-win platform to realize the dreams of partners, upholds the values of customer-centered, striver-oriented, good, upward, and beautiful, and fully promotes the transformation and upgrading of the sand and gravel equipment industry and green and low-carbon development.

Customer Procurement Process Guidelines

XC Intelligent supports customers at every step of the manufacturing process. From prototyping to delivery, each client is assigned a dedicated support team to seamlessly move programs into production. Before the customer purchases, we will communicate with the customer about the detailed customer needs and the actual use of the site, and design the best product plan for the customer according to the actual situation.

Ⅰ.Provide us with detailed usage requirements

Before officially entering into specific product procurement, customers need to provide us with real and specific production requirements (including hourly output, type of processing raw materials, size of processing raw materials, etc.) and production environment conditions (flat land, mountainous areas, or extreme environments, etc.). And tell us whether it is mobile equipment or large fixed production line equipment.

Ⅱ.Technical support, scheme design, and final quotation

After obtaining the exact information provided by the customer, we will design the production equipment scheme according to the actual situation of the customer's production site, and provide all relevant technical support to the customer to ensure that the scheme provided to the customer is the best one. And provide the final quotation to the customer.

Ⅲ.Sign the purchase contract and formally cooperate

After providing all the preliminary plans and our product documents and details to the customer, we will sign a formal contract with the customer if the customer has carefully reviewed it and there is no objection. From now on, our product cooperation is officially started. The contract is not only the guarantee for both of us, but also our responsible commitment and responsibility to our customers.

Ⅳ.Client product installation and testing

After the equipment arrives at the destination required by the customer, we will assist the customer in the installation and commissioning of the equipment. There are two ways, the first is that we provide online technical support to the customer's engineers, and the customer installs and debugs by himself; the second is that our company sends engineers to install and debug. The specific method is determined according to the needs of customers.

Ⅴ.Product testing before leaving the factory

After the product is produced, we will conduct comprehensive multiple tests on the product to ensure that the product is free from defects, so that customers will not encounter product failures during use. Only top-quality products that have passed comprehensive tests and are fully qualified will be delivered to customers.

Ⅵ.Start production of customer's equipment

According to the terms of the purchase contract between us and the customer, we will produce equipment that meets the customer's needs within the specified time. Not only meet the contract requirements in the time limit, but also do our best in quality control, and deliver products that satisfy customers as our central goal.

The scope of services we can provide to customers

Market analysis
Raw material testing
Site survey
final design
Site Planning
cost analysis
Infrastructure Guidance
Installation Instructions
install all inclusive
management training
Operation and maintenance service
Accessories supply

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