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We provide you with a complete set of gravel-crushing and sand-making solutions. We have thousands of successful cases in many places to provide you with field visits and experience sharing. Our advantage lies in providing you with overall solutions, perfect after-sales service, and technical support

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We will be here to update you with our latest news and the latest developments in the entire crushing industry. Keeping you updated with the latest news to help you.

Overall advantages and characteristics of mobile crushing station

Matching plan: crawler mobile crushing and screening station 1. In the process of mobile crushing production configuration, strive to achieve economical matching. Before configuring equipment for customers, communicate the product

At the Changsha Large-scale Machinery Exhibition in 2023, our XC series products have once again been affirmed by customers from all over the world

In this exhibition, not only many Chinese customers signed contracts for cooperative procurement on the spot, but also many customers from other countries came to sign contracts for procurement. Like

The development history of XC sales champion – the evolution history of Impact Mobile Crusher XC1213

Impact Crusher丨Most people know it, but few people know it The development history of the impact crusher can be traced back to the 1850s, a long time since the birth

Favored by customers from all over the world at the exhibition

During the exhibition period, there were a lot of people consulting at the Xinchen booth. During this time, we received many foreign customers from all over Europe, the United States,

Intelligent manufacturing | Welding robots are on duty, and welding operations are upgraded intelligently

Application of Welding Robot Our company actively implements intelligent production of equipment. In 2019, it introduced the first welding robot. In the following three years, it successively introduced more than

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We will be here to update you with our latest news and the latest developments in the entire crushing industry. Keeping you updated with the latest news to help you.

Tit crushing bucket was unanimously affirmed by the leaders of the Sichuan construction machinery chamber of Commerce

What are the advantages of TIT crushing bucket? The leader of the chamber of Commerce asked, now there are so many products on the market, what are the advantages of

We are in action – the whole process of how to deliver products to customers

After the equipment arrives at the destination designated by the customer, our engineers will also guide the customer to debug and put it into use officially. We need to make

Shipping to customers, we are very serious about the details

How do we deal with details before the shipment

In order to ensure product quality and transportation safety, we will strictly control all links before delivery.

been in action | XC1213 mobile impact crusher is crushing construction waste

Construction waste is continuously crushed, recycled, and cleaned up, with great efficiency

In high-altitude arctic regions, our mobile crushers are still in action

As long as customers need us to go to the place, our crushers will go forward bravely and never disappoint!

industry news

We will be here to update you with our latest news and the latest developments in the entire crushing industry. Keeping you updated with the latest news to help you.

Excavator winter antifreeze measures plan

Winter mining equipment maintenance guide: cope with the cold and ensure stable operation

Lithium ore beneficiation method

Hand selection method This method is mainly used to sort coarse-grained crystallized spodumene and lepidolite combinations. It is based on the difference between the color or shape of the mineral

The significance of energy saving in construction machinery

(3) Construction machinery has high fuel consumption and poor emissions Engineering machinery is the second largest user of internal combustion engine products after the automotive industry. Due to the large

Research on the development of intelligent and informatization of engineering machinery

(2) Fault diagnosis technology   In the use of construction machinery, due to the unpredictability of the difficulty and emergencies of the project, the use of the machinery has a

How to make the wear parts of the crusher last longer

There is a brand-new reinforcement technology called laser cladding technology. Unlike the traditional application of a layer of wear-resistant coating on the surface of the product, it will actually add

The Evolution and Future of Chile’s Mining Industry: A Glimpse into the Mineral Wealth

Future Direction and Promising Mineral Categories As we look into the future, Chile’s mining industry is set to diversify. While copper will continue to play a pivotal role, the country

Mining in Russia: An Overview of Mineral Resources, Conditions, and Regulations

The Third: Procedures for Mining Mining in Russia requires compliance with several procedures and regulations. Firstly, a company must obtain a license for exploration and production from the Federal Agency

Giants of the Mining World: The Top 10 Largest Mining Equipment

Komatsu D575A-3SD: This is the world’s largest bulldozer, with a massive 1,150 horsepower engine. It stands 16 feet tall and is over 38 feet long. Liebherr T 282B: The Liebherr

The Integral Role of Mobile Crushers in Mining Operations

One of the significant advantages of mobile crushers in mining operations is their mobility. Traditional stationary crushers require the material to be transported to the crusher, which can be both

How to make profit from mining lithium ore

The mining of lithium ore mainly includes exploration, mining, mineral processing and other steps. Equipment that may be used during this process includes Exploration Equipment: These equipment are used to

A cutting-edge look at construction waste

What equipment is needed for construction waste recycling? Construction waste recycling involves a series of equipment and technologies, which together constitute a complete process of construction waste recycling. First, the

How to choose a mobile crusher equipment that is most suitable for construction recycling

Choosing the best mobile crusher will depend on your specific needs, but here are some of the mainstream models that are popular for construction recycling jobs: Rubble Master RM 70GO:

What are the characteristics of fixed crushing equipment and mobile crushers?

This is a collection of advantages and disadvantages of stationary crushing production equipment Advantages: Large production capacity: Fixed crushing equipment usually has a large production capacity and is suitable for

A must-read guide for purchasing sand-making machines

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of sand-making machine crushers that we have summarized based on a large number of actual application cases. We hope to help owners who

What are the advantages and disadvantages of impact crushers?

Although the impact crusher has excellent performance in many aspects, it also has some shortcomings that cannot be ignored: High investment cost: The price of impact crusher is relatively high,

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cone crusher? Let’s figure it out

However, despite the many advantages of the cone crusher, it also has some disadvantages. First, the manufacturing cost of cone crushers is relatively high, which means that the cost of

Advantages and Disadvantages of Jaw Crusher

Ⅱ. Advantages of jaw crusher Simple structure: Due to its simple structure, the jaw crusher is relatively simple to operate and maintain, which greatly reduces the user’s work intensity. Long

Top 10 best mobile crusher manufacturers in the world

1. Metso Metso Group is a leading global industrial company that provides equipment and services for the sustainable processing and flow of natural resources. Metso’s activities include the crushing, screening,

The past and present life of mobile crushers

The emergence of mobile crushers has had a profound impact on many industries. Here are some of the major changes: Improved efficiency: The mobile crusher can perform crushing operations directly

Repair and maintenance of crawler mobile crusher

How is it maintained and repaired? Equipment maintenance is a vital periodic operation. Closely cooperate with daily operation and maintenance, and have full-time personnel on duty for inspection. Mechanical equipment

Inject soul into the crusher – control system

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control systems are found in many different types of industrial equipment and processes, including but not limited to: Manufacturing equipment: such as assembly lines, machine tools,

Visit the heart of the crusher – the power motor

After fully understanding and deeply understanding the motor structure of the crusher, our users will consider how to repair it when a fault occurs. However, the maintenance of the crusher

From understanding the crusher power distribution system to how to repair it

This system requires regular maintenance and inspection to ensure it is functioning properly. If there are any problems, you should stop using the crusher immediately and contact a professional for

 “Crushing It: The Evolution of Crushing Machines and Their Impact on Industry”

“Crushing Expectations: The Indispensable Impact of Crushers on Various Industries” Crushers play a pivotal role in various industries, significantly contributing to their operations and growth. Here’s how: Mining Industry: Crushers

What is the difference between a crushing bucket and a crusher?

Compared with a crusher A crusher and a crushing bucket both perform similar functions of crushing materials. However, the main difference lies in their structure, operation, and application. Crusher: This

Let’s unveil the mystery of mobile crushers

What types of crawler mobile crushers are there? Crawler mobile crushers come in various types, each designed to meet specific needs. Here are the most common types: 1. Crawler Mobile

The quality and investment price of large crusher equipment

1. Advanced design Because the current sand-making machines are often improved in the design of the shape, although the products of some manufacturers meet some requirements of the design, they

5 Ways to Improve Screening Efficiency

Three types of screening 1. Pre-screening When the particle size range of raw materials is large, large pieces of material need to be roughly broken by jaw crusher first, while

Open circuit and closed circuit of the crushing process in the production line of large factories

In summary: (1) To put it simply, the difference between open-circuit and closed-circuit processes lies in the screening process. There is no screening process or only a pre-screening process in

The function and classification of the silo of the large sand and gravel production line in the factory

Design requirements (1) The capacity of the silo should be comprehensively considered based on factors such as the specifications of the crusher, the vehicle type for transporting ore, the loading

Mobile crushers have shown their talents! But do you know the difference between a wheeled mobile crusher and a crawler mobile crusher?

Differentiation In addition to the above common features, the two also have their own unique advantages. We compare them from the following aspects: 1. Mobility. In fact, the wheeled mobile

Design principles of professional customized sand and gravel production line

Advantages of Cone Mobile Crusher in Granite Stone Processing

Of course, the stable operation, large throughput, and continuous lamination crushing of the cone crusher also makes it an efficient crushing equipment for granite stone processing. However, the conventional fixed

Impact crusher performance advantages – how to stand out among many mobile crushers?

1. The impact crusher is suitable for a wide range of materials On the one hand, the impact crusher can process hard materials with a compressive strength not exceeding 350

How to prevent jaw crusher wear and what maintenance methods are there?

1. The jaw crusher increases the amount of interference with the fit. Due to the gap fit that may occur in the transition fit of the jaw crusher, the backlash