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Yunnan Yao’an Hong’an Commercial and Trade 800 tons of stone crushing EPC project

July 2, 2023    Hawk

After conducting on-site inspections on the site, DHL carefully designed a targeted project plan for the customer according to the customer’s needs and site conditions. In view of the characteristics of high production efficiency and low wear of hard sandstone, the “medium crushing single-cylinder cone + fine crushing single-cylinder cone” is adopted, which not only reduces the pressure of fine crushing and screening operation but also obtains a good grain shape and reasonable gradation. Finished material.

Since it was put into production, the project has been running stably, the equipment has been used well, and the customer’s production target has been achieved.

Project Overview
Raw material type: Kaishan stone
Output: 800t/h
Area: 16 acres
Production process: 3 stages of crushing and 1 stage of shaping
Product specifications: 0-5.5mm, 10-20mm, 20-31.5mm
The project is equipped with DHL’s PEV1200*1600B jaw crusher, PYY500C single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, PYYZ500C single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, XHL1145A impact crusher, ZSW1860A feeder, ZZG1320 feeder, 3YK2570IV sorting screen and other complete crushing and screening equipment.

In addition, the project is equipped with an operator console and a monitoring system for intelligent management and control, which not only achieves the effect of saving time and effort but also accurately monitors all aspects of the project, ensuring the safe and stable operation of the project.

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