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Yunnan limestone production line project

July 2, 2023    Hawk

The Yunnan limestone crushing production line is another successful case of our company in the Yunnan mine crushing market. The finished materials of the project are mainly used for local commercial mixing stations and highway materials

According to customer needs, the finished materials are divided into four specifications: 0-5mm, 5-15mm, 15-26.5mm, and 26.5-31.5mm. Design output: 200 cubic meters per hour.

Raw material: Limestone
Equipment used: 1 set of feeder ZSW1860, 1 set of jaw crusher PEV950*1250, 1 set of pan feeder ZZG2020, 1 set of impact crusher PF1520, 1 set of circular vibrating screen 2YK2170, 1 set of circular vibrating screen 3YK3075
Finished product requirements: 0-5mm, 5-15mm, 15-35mm
Output requirement: 400T/H

live situation

The raw material for crushing is limestone CaCO3 with a hardness above 120Mpa. The rough stone is mined by open-pit blasting, the particle size is within 800mm, and the mud content is greater than 10%. The raw materials after blasting are transported to the material platform by double-bridge transport vehicles, and the loading capacity of each vehicle is about 25 cubic meters.
The transport vehicle transports the blasted raw materials from the material platform, and pours them into the material bin from the material platform. It is sent to the jaw crusher PEV950X1250 through the feeder ZSW1860 for crushing, and the output of the jaw crusher is controlled within 250mm. The semi-finished materials after initial crushing are transported into the intermediate silo by the conveyor belt for stacking, and have been prepared for processing.
The feeder is designed with a grate bar. Through the grate bar in the second half of the feeder, the stone and soil less than 200mm in the raw material are separated, and the conveyor belt is input to a 2YK2170 for powder screening, and the soil and crushed material are separated. stone. The sorted gravel is input into the intermediate silo for stacking, and the soil part is treated as roadbed material or waste.
According to the site conditions, the intermediate silo is designed with a storage capacity of about 1,000 cubic meters, and a ZZG2020 vibrating feeder is designed at the bottom of the intermediate silo. The crushed semi-finished raw materials are fed into a large impact crusher PF1520 by the conveyor belt through the feeder for crushing. The crushed stone is fed into the vibrating screen 3YK3075 by the conveyor belt for finished product screening. The finished products after sieving are stacked separately by the conveyor belt according to different specifications.

client feedback

This is the first time to cooperate with DHL. During the project investigation stage, DHL was selected after comparing multiple equipment manufacturers. It was also decided after comprehensively examining the good reputation of DHL crushing equipment in the market and the strength of the enterprise. DHL’s designers have considered the entire production process design very comprehensively, saving space and installation costs to the greatest extent. After several years of use, the current output has exceeded the designed output, reaching about 360 tons/hour. Very satisfied with the product quality and after-sales service of the DHL machine.

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