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Winter mining equipment maintenance guide: cope with the cold and ensure stable operation

February 17, 2024    Hawk

When the cold wave hits and the temperature drops sharply, our bodies need to add clothing to keep warm, but at the same time, our mining equipment also needs our careful care. The following is a maintenance guide for mining equipment in winter to help you ensure the normal operation of your equipment.

1. Pay attention to the lubrication of equipment

The low temperature in winter will increase the viscosity of lubricating grease, affecting its fluidity, and may even cause it to solidify. Therefore, we need to choose grease with a smaller viscosity and check the lubrication condition regularly. Before each start-up, the lubrication condition of the equipment must be carefully checked to ensure that the selection and use of lubricating grease is correct.

2. Don’t ignore the preheating work of the equipment

Since the equipment temperature is low during the shutdown and trimming process, if materials are suddenly fed into production, the huge temperature difference may affect the equipment’s performance. Therefore, before each feed production, we need to perform a few minutes of idling preheating to protect the equipment and improve its operating efficiency.

3. Wearable parts need to be cleaned and inspected

After use, the internal parts of the equipment should be cleaned, especially those that are susceptible to freezing. At the same time, check these components for leaks. Before each feeding production, it is necessary to check whether parts have fallen off and ensure that screws and other fasteners are firm.

4. Clean around the equipment

In northern areas, snow, and ice accumulation are prone to occur on production line sites in winter, which may affect the normal operation of mining equipment. Therefore, we need to clean up the facilities around the equipment and clear the snow in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

In addition to the above maintenance measures, we also need to maintain the equipment promptly to ensure its stable operation. Only by carefully maintaining and maintaining equipment can we extend its service life and create greater value for the enterprise.

To better protect and maintain our mining equipment, we need to pay attention to every detail and take appropriate measures to deal with the cold and dryness of winter. Through these efforts, we can ensure the normal operation of the equipment and provide a solid guarantee for the company’s production work.

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