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What are the characteristics of fixed crushing equipment and mobile crushers?

September 26, 2023    Hawk

First of all, fixed crushing equipment is usually used in large-scale stone production lines. It has strong production capacity and good stability and is suitable for large-scale production needs. Since it is fixed, the location of the equipment cannot be easily changed, and the installation and layout need to be planned in advance. In addition, fixed crushing equipment generally has higher investment and operating costs. The mobile crusher is relatively flexible. It can be moved according to production needs, has strong adaptability, and can work in various environments. Mobile crushers are usually used for small and medium-sized stone production or construction waste processing, and their production capacity is relatively small. However, due to its mobility, a mobile crusher can save some transportation costs. At the same time, the investment and operating costs of mobile crushers are relatively low.

Below, we will explain in detail the specific advantages and disadvantages of the two different types of crushing equipment, so that we can make more accurate judgments when purchasing, thereby maximizing benefits and minimizing costs.

This is a collection of advantages and disadvantages of stationary crushing production equipment


  • Large production capacity: Fixed crushing equipment usually has a large production capacity and is suitable for large-scale production needs.
  • High stability: Because the equipment is fixed, it has good stability during operation and can ensure the continuity of production.
  • High efficiency: Stationary crushing equipment is usually equipped with advanced crushing technology to provide efficient crushing results.
  • Good product quality: Due to the stability and high efficiency of the equipment, the quality of the products produced is usually better.


  • High investment costs: Fixed crushing equipment generally has high acquisition costs, installation costs, and operating costs.
  • Poor mobility: Since the equipment is fixed, it will be very difficult to move the equipment if the production location needs to be changed.
  • Complex installation and layout: The installation and layout of fixed crushing equipment need to be planned in advance, and the process is complicated.
  • High maintenance costs: Due to the complexity and large size of the equipment, its maintenance costs are also relatively high.


The following is an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of mobile crusher equipment


  • High flexibility: The mobile crusher can be moved to where it is needed at any time, has strong adaptability, and can work in various environments.
  • Low investment cost: Compared with fixed crushing equipment, the purchase cost and operating cost of mobile crushers are usually lower.
  • Save transportation costs: Since the equipment can be moved, crushing can be carried out directly next to the raw materials, thus saving the cost of transporting the raw materials to the crushing equipment.
  • Easy installation: Mobile crushers generally do not require complicated installation, and can start working just by arriving at the work site.


  • Limited production capacity: Compared with fixed crushing equipment, the production capacity of mobile crushers is usually smaller and is not suitable for large-scale production needs.
  • Poor stability: Since the equipment needs to be moved, the stability during operation may be poor.
  • Short service life: Since the mobile crusher may be affected by various environmental factors during operation, its service life may be short.
  • High maintenance requirements: Since the equipment needs to be moved frequently, it may increase the wear and tear on the equipment and therefore require more frequent maintenance.

To sum up, we cannot unilaterally say who is good or who is bad. After all, their existence is reasonable, and they all have outstanding advantages in their respective fields. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, you still need to make judgments and choices based on actual use needs. If the customer cannot figure it out, he can tell the manufacturer his needs and ask the manufacturer to provide a design plan. I hope it can help all my friends in the crushing industry.

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