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Mobile crushers have shown their talents! But do you know the difference between a wheeled mobile crusher and a crawler mobile crusher?

July 3, 2023    Hawk

There are mainly two types of mobile crushers: wheel type and crawler type. Its design concept eliminates the obstacles brought by the crushing site, the environment complicated basic configuration, and the complicated logistics of the crushing operation, so it is welcomed by more and more users. This article starts with the similarities and differences between the two mobile crushers and analyzes their characteristics and respective advantages for everyone.

Similarity Analysis

Both mobile crushers, wheel crushers, and crawler crushers have the following things in common:

1. Flexible and flexible, saving time. The mobile crusher can directly reach the mining site without being affected by changes in the site and can start working after the station adjustment is completed in a short period of time. Due to the small size of the equipment, it is especially suitable for places with narrow crushing sites. At the same time, it eliminates the cumbersome steel frame structure when broken, and the construction of the foundation saves a lot of time.
2. Integrated complete unit. The installation form of integrated unit equipment eliminates the complicated site infrastructure installation work of separate components, reduces the consumption of materials and man-hours, and is a production line that integrates process equipment such as receiving, crushing, and conveying. The unit’s reasonable and compact space layout improves the flexibility of site stationing.
3. Reduce material transportation costs. The mobile crusher can process materials on-site without having to move the materials away from the site for further processing, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials.
4. Flexible combination and complete functions. According to the actual production requirements of users, corresponding equipment can be equipped and various combinations can be made to form a process of “crushing first and then screening”, or “screening first and then crushing” process, which can be combined into a two-stage crushing and screening system of coarse crushing and fine crushing. It can also be combined into a three-stage crushing and screening system of coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing, and can also operate independently, with great flexibility.



In addition to the above common features, the two also have their own unique advantages. We compare them from the following aspects:

1. Mobility. In fact, the wheeled mobile crusher cannot be called a mobile crusher completely, because its transition and movement are all towed by the semi-trailer head, so it is not as good as a crawler-type mobile crushing station driven by self-hydraulic drive in terms of action.
2. Applicable venue. Since the wheeled mobile crushing station adopts vehicle traction, it is more suitable for crushing various sand and gravel materials in some construction waste treatment, earthwork engineering, urban infrastructure and road construction, construction, and other industries. The crawler-type mobile crusher adopts a crawler-type fully rigid ship-shaped structure, which has high strength, low grounding ratio, good passability, good adaptability to mountains and wetlands, and can even perform climbing operations, so it is mostly used in some mining, In harsh operating environments such as surface coal mining. However, because it is more convenient and quick to move, it is now more used for the crushing and processing of urban construction waste. Many mining machine manufacturers also mainly produce crawler type.
3. Work efficiency. When the wheeled mobile crusher is working, because the hydraulic outriggers under the frame are fixed, the stability of the whole station is increased. Stability is the basis for the operation of the mobile crusher. Good stability enables the whole station to be equipped with large Crusher equipment, that is to say, the wheeled mobile crusher can crush large materials, and the work efficiency is extremely high. The stability of crawler crushers is relatively weak, which in turn leads to a slightly weaker efficiency in terms of crushing capacity than wheel crushers, but it will not be too obvious.
4. Equipment performance. The wheel-type mobile crusher has a short wheelbase, and a small turning radius, does not damage the road surface, and can run flexibly on ordinary roads and in the work area. The crawler-type mobile crusher uses crawlers to walk and can realize in-situ steering. The standard configuration is controlled by a radio remote control. It is very easy to drive the crusher to the trailer and transport it to the work site through long-distance transportation.
5. Finished product effect. At present, the mobile crushing station is used in the crushing of construction waste, and the aggregate produced by the crawler mobile type has a good particle shape, which is conducive to recycling. The semi-open discharge system is suitable for crushing construction waste containing a small number of steel bars. The discharge is fine, with less over-crushing and good particle formation. It is especially suitable for the production of environmentally friendly bricks.
6. Price. Generally speaking, crawler crushers are more expensive than wheel crushers.


Conclusion: In summary, both wheeled mobile crushers and crawler mobile crushers have their own characteristics, and the specific selection should be based on the user’s production requirements. With people’s pursuit of efficiency and convenience, crawler mobile crushers will be more used in all walks of life. Understanding the characteristics of these two mobile crushers will lay the foundation for current or future equipment selection.

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