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The past and present life of mobile crushers

September 24, 2023    Hawk

The invention of mobile crushers dates back to 1986 when engineers from the company Metso invented the first such equipment. Metso is a Finnish company specializing in equipment and services for the mining, gravel, and recycling industries.

This innovative device was invented by a team led by an engineer named Bruno Nordberg. Their aim was to create a crusher that could be operated anywhere to meet the demands of mining and construction sites. The emergence of this equipment allows the crushing operation to be carried out where needed, thereby greatly improving efficiency.

The emergence of mobile crushers has had a profound impact on many industries. Here are some of the major changes:

  • Improved efficiency: The mobile crusher can perform crushing operations directly at the excavation site, reducing the secondary transportation of materials and greatly improving production efficiency.
  • Reduced costs: Since mobile crushers can be operated on-site, the costs of transporting and handling raw materials are reduced.
  • Environmental protection: The mobile crusher can process waste on-site, reducing the transportation and processing of waste, which is beneficial to environmental protection.
  • Flexibility: The mobile crusher can be moved to different working locations as needed, making the production process more flexible.
  • Improved safety: The use of mobile crushers reduces manual operations by personnel and reduces safety risks at work.
  • Strong adaptability: Whether in urban construction, road paving, mining, or recycling of waste materials, mobile crushers can play an important role.

Therefore, whether in the construction, mining, waste management, or recycling industries, mobile crushers bring huge convenience to production

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