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Thailand 280t/h limestone sand production line project

July 2, 2023    Hawk

Raw material: Limestone Hardness: 180MP

Mud content: 5% Moisture content: 8%
Site area: 7000㎡ Feed size: 600mm
Output size: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-25mm, 0-27mm
Output: 280T/H

The material is coarsely screened and uniformly fed through the feeder ZSW1142, and then enters the jaw crusher to complete the first crushing. The small material after the coarse screen of the feeder and the crushed material enters the floor drain.
The raw materials stored in the floor drain are uniformly fed by the feeder ZZG1320, conveyed by the conveyor into the vibrating screen for the first screening, and the finished materials of 0-27mm are screened out, and the materials larger than 27mm enter the adjustment bin and are evenly sent into the Two single-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers are used for secondary crushing.
The materials (0-25mm) crushed by the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher are transported by the conveyor and enter the vibrating sorting screen 3YK2170 for sorting. After the material is screened and classified, it is transported and stacked by the conveyor.
Product This project is a limestone production line in Bang Saphan, Thailand. The finished product is mainly used for the construction of the road from Bangkok to Bang Saphan. This production line is the Kaishan stone (limestone) production line. Because of its wide application, the customer needs as many as 5 kinds of finished materials, and the output needs to reach 280T/H at the same time. In order to save costs and increase output, we divide the bottom layer of the finished screen into two pieces to screen materials of two sizes, thus saving a sieve. “We had a production line before that used seven jaw crushers in series for crushing. Not only was the production capacity low (120T/H), the energy consumption was high, and the crushing effect was not good. After the new production line was put into use, not only the output was greatly increased (280T/H), And the grain shape of the product is uniform. I have provided most of the aggregates for this highway, and DHL has brought me huge profits.” MR. Lee, the person in charge of the stone factory, said.

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