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Research on the development of intelligent and informatization of engineering machinery

October 18, 2023    Alice Rollin

The number of projects in various industries around the world is gradually increasing with economic development, and the most commonly used machinery in projects is related machinery. Different machinery is widely used in different projects and different processes. The prerequisite for good use of machinery is to fully study the technology of the machinery. This article will make a detailed analysis of the intelligence and informatization embodied in the design, construction, and maintenance of the three types of equipment: rock drilling rigs, pump trucks, and road rollers. , explore the essence of the application, and analyze future development trends.


  1. Research on the origin and development status of engineering machinery technology in my country


Construction machinery technology was widely used and monopolized in European and American countries in the early years. Therefore, this technology originated relatively late in China. However, the level of mechanical technology used in current engineering construction has basically reached the basic requirements of the current society for construction machinery technology. . For example, during construction, although the use of tower cranes cannot achieve the precise operation of unmanned driving for the time being, its use already has the shadow of information-based operations, and it can control the machinery to perform engineering processes that could not be completed before. Improved project construction efficiency. In the current use, machinery has helped humans complete too many engineering projects that cannot be completed by manpower alone. The cooperation between machinery and manpower has gradually become closer. However, to fully integrate intelligence and informatization into mechanical design and control, a certain amount of work is still required. Research has turned machinery into a more intelligent helper that is more in line with current engineering requirements.


  1. Research on the application of intelligence and informatization in engineering machinery technology


  • Application in rock drilling rig design

Rock drilling rigs are more commonly used in tunnel construction. When underground projects are carried out, rock drilling rigs support multiple construction and simultaneous construction modes, which can effectively improve construction efficiency. It is one of the more commonly used machines in this type of projects. .


The rock drilling rig uses intelligent technology in its design, which is mainly reflected in the fact that when the rock drilling rig is operating, it will use the drill arm to find points and drill holes on the construction planes at different levels. Therefore, in this process, intelligence can be used to determine the actual operating trajectory of the drill arm and the final target drilling point, to achieve refined operations, and to ensure safety during construction through the application of intelligence. Through the integrated positioning and scanning device, the rock drilling rig can scan the full contour in real time after drilling and blasting, establish a three-dimensional model of the tunnel, issue over and under excavation data in real time and perform comparative analysis to further optimize the construction design and guide subsequent construction operations.


In actual engineering use, the rock drilling rig has its intelligent and information-based applications, which makes the engineering construction process relatively simple and has ultra-high safety performance. This is because the rock drilling rig can maintain high stability during tunnel construction. It has high accuracy. As long as the early computer program setting is completed, the trolley can proceed relatively safely along the set route for construction. It can find points accurately and drill holes quickly, providing extremely high safety guarantee for project construction.


(2) Application in concrete pump truck construction operations


The concrete pump truck is modified on the chassis of a truck. It can transport concrete to a certain height and distance through the boom and delivery pipe. During the construction process, moving the boom may cause the center of gravity to shift. Through the application of embedded sensors, multiple variables such as outrigger pressure, displacement, and rotation angle can be automatically calculated. The controller then actively adjusts the levels according to the safety factor. The actuator acts to prevent the vehicle from overturning. Multiple pressure sensors and electro-hydraulic components automatically sense changes in material conditions, and the controller adaptively changes parameters according to the material conditions to improve pumping performance and reduce the probability of pipe blockage. The vibration status of the boom is automatically sensed through multiple pressure sensors, and the controller calculates the vibration amplitude, drives the boom cylinder, and reduces the boom amplitude.


Through the application of intelligent and information technology, the concrete pump truck can realize start-up and shutdown self-inspection and construction process fault diagnosis of many parameters such as electronic control system, bus system, chassis system, pumping system, etc., which greatly improves the equipment’s reliability. reliability and construction efficiency.


(3) Application in road roller maintenance


Since the road roller itself is a construction machinery equipment, some malfunctions will inevitably occur during actual use. To reduce the failure rate of the road roller and improve the efficiency of the road roller, the maintenance and upkeep of the road roller should be done well.


Through scientific and reasonable maintenance methods, the road roller will not only be kept in the best operating condition at all times, but also effectively reduce management and maintenance costs and increase the service life of the road roller. The main maintenance measures for road rollers include cleaning and lubrication of the road roller. In engineering construction, after each use of the road roller, the body and related accessories of the road roller must be cleaned, especially the power equipment and hydraulic pipelines of the road roller. Information intelligence in road roller maintenance is mainly reflected in the application of sensor technology and software that can monitor in real time.


Construction machinery equipment such as road rollers should be careful not to cause damage to the road surface during their use, so they need intelligent and information-based help to perform “self-diagnosis.” The service life of the road roller is long, but this is achieved on the premise of proper maintenance and upkeep. Therefore, an intelligent management mechanism is needed to control the road roller to ensure that there is no overload during use, so that the road roller equipment can balance work and rest. , to achieve maximum efficiency.


  1. Development trends of intelligence and informatization in construction machinery technology


(1) Multi-technology integration trend


There are many classifications of construction machinery, and in current projects, it is necessary to select suitable machinery according to different project types and actual project needs. When machinery integrates various modern technologies, it will shorten the construction period and improve the quality of the project. What needs to be emphasized is that the full integration of various technologies in construction machinery technology will ensure that factors such as the completion of the original construction period of the project, efficient and stable project implementation, and the safety of personnel and equipment will be fully guaranteed, greatly reducing the incidence of project risks, and thereby increasing the overall project cost. income.


For example, through the application of sensor technology, the perception ability of machinery can be improved to a certain extent, which is beneficial to engineering safety; network control technology can control the overall operation of the machinery during the process of controlling the machinery to ensure that no accidents occur. In the event of a malfunction, refined operations are achieved; unmanned operation frees up labor, reduces manpower expenses, and significantly increases net profits. Moreover, for difficult problems and safety hazards in mechanical construction, unmanned machinery can be used to ensure the safety of personnel; the voice-controlled alarm device provides timely early warning, helping project managers to discover safety hazards as early as possible and quickly identify hidden dangers under voice control. position to form a systematic working model for project management.


As can be seen from the above examples, the integration of multiple technologies can bring a very powerful auxiliary effect to engineering construction. The high-speed integration trend of multiple technologies under intelligence and informatization will be a powerful booster for the development of engineering machinery in the future. The full use of intelligence and informatization will bring new application models in the new era to construction machinery, better adapting to the engineering environment and the use of construction machinery operators.

(2) Fault diagnosis technology


In the use of construction machinery, due to the unpredictability of the difficulty and emergencies of the project, the use of the machinery has a working environment of different strengths to a certain extent. This is a very important issue for the machinery. , affecting the normal service life of the machinery, so it is necessary to properly maintain the machinery. Moreover, the service life of the machinery and the maintenance of work efficiency during use have a great impact on the engineering effect and final quality.


Mechanical maintenance usually requires manual maintenance, which has a certain impact on the tight project schedule, is not conducive to the flow of the project, and hinders the acceleration of the project process. When intelligent mechanical maintenance methods are integrated into mechanical maintenance, maintenance time will be effectively shortened, and the causes and processes of such mechanical failure behaviors can be analyzed through information technology, which will help similar mechanical failures no longer occur and modernize Technically complete the daily maintenance work of machinery.


Fault diagnosis technology can bring significant changes to various processes of engineering construction. The use of intelligent voice-controlled early warning systems will promptly issue alarms when machinery has hidden dangers, giving relevant machinery operators sufficient time to deal with them. It can be seen from this that in mechanical maintenance, the use of intelligent devices mounted on engineering machinery and equipment not only liberates manpower, but also predicts dangers, fully embodies the people-oriented concept in engineering construction, and integrates the good vision of harmonious coexistence of humans and machinery through information integration. channels to achieve it.


(3) Information management technology


When construction machinery is in use, it is inevitable that management personnel will cause excessive concentration of machinery storage and irregular use of machinery. This is due to the low professional quality of the management personnel of construction machinery equipment and their low awareness of construction machinery. bad construction practices. In this regard, the management of machinery should be strengthened, and intelligent and information technology should be integrated to standardize the use of machinery.


For idle machinery and equipment, managers can monitor them in real time through intelligent management to ensure that when using spare machinery, the idle machinery is fully and promptly used to avoid temporary failures; in terms of the number of machinery, machinery Usually larger engineering construction equipment has a larger expenditure in the cost budget. In order to provide greater benefits to the enterprise contracting the project, this part of the expenditure should be reduced. Through information-based machinery management, the use of machinery can be reduced. The frequency is maintained at the maximum when it is scientific and effective, reducing repeated purchases of machinery, thereby increasing the company’s net profit.


The application of information management technology has a certain influence on various engineering processes. For example, before the mechanical equipment enters the site in the early stage, the information inspection process is used to carefully inspect the machinery, the information of each mechanical equipment is integrated and managed, and the early stage files are saved; In the mid-term, when machinery enters the site for work, the internal and external information of the current equipment transmitted by the information module is used for mechanical management to ensure the balance between work and rest, and the project is completed efficiently and safely; in the later stage, the maintenance of mechanical equipment needs to be applied to the information management library Based on the historical data in the machine, based on the service life of the machine, current wear and tear and other relevant information, a maintenance plan can be made to ensure that the machine can perform its maximum function under the principles of information management during engineering construction.


  1. Conclusion


To sum up, construction machinery is widely used. Under its traditional manual operation, it is necessary to integrate intelligence and informatization. This is reflected in the future multi-technology integration trend, fault diagnosis technology, and information management. technology and other aspects, making the use of construction machinery easier. In addition, it can play a great role in promoting the specific implementation process of the project, making the project bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise. At the same time, it will continue to provide financial support for the corresponding engineering machinery technology, so as to promote each other and make progress.

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