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Repair and maintenance of crawler mobile crusher

September 24, 2023    Hawk

The crawler mobile crusher is a new type of crushing equipment with high production efficiency. The crawler-type mobile crushing station is a type of mobile crusher that is widely used in machine-made sand production lines. It has a self-driven form, advanced technology, and perfect functions. Below are some frequently asked questions about crawler mobile gravel crushers.

What are the main types of crawler crushers?

Crawler mobile crushers are mainly divided into the following types: jaw mobile crushers, impact mobile crushers, cone mobile crushers, and multi-stage combined crushing mobile crushing stations. Each type has its specific application areas and advantages.

Mobile jaw crusher: This type of crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing operations. It is characterized by a large crushing ratio, strong processing capacity, simple structure, and easy maintenance.

Impact mobile crusher: This type of crusher is mainly used for medium and fine crushing operations. It is characterized by a large crushing ratio, uniform particle size, compact structure, and easy operation.

Cone-type mobile crusher: This type of crusher is mainly used for fine and ultra-fine crushing operations. It is characterized by a large crushing ratio, high production efficiency, and can automatically adjust the size of the discharge opening of the crushing chamber to meet different crushing needs.

Hybrid mobile crusher: This type of crusher integrates the above types of crushers and can be selected and switched according to actual needs. It is characterized by strong adaptability and can meet various crushing needs.

How is it maintained and repaired?

Equipment maintenance is a vital periodic operation. Closely cooperate with daily operation and maintenance, and have full-time personnel on duty for inspection. Mechanical equipment should be lubricated as required. Small and medium-sized equipment is mainly lubricated with grease and regular lubricating oil. In large mechanical equipment, if cone and jaw crushers are used, there is usually a forced lubrication system.

At this time, you should always pay attention to and check parameters such as oil temperature, oil pressure, and flow rate. Loose fasteners should be tightened promptly. During the operation of mechanical equipment, attention should be paid to the noise and vibration of the equipment. If there is excessive noise or vibration, stop the machine quickly for inspection. After the fault is resolved, restart in sequence without loading. During the operation of crawler-type mobile stone-crushing equipment, attention should also be paid to product quality and yield. When quality and output are abnormal, the crusher and screen may be blocked or the screen surface may be damaged.

When restarting any stone-crushing equipment, pay attention to regular shutdowns and detect damage to the internal structure of the equipment. The conveyor belt cannot be missed in the stone production line. All equipment is driven by the conveyor belt. Adjust the tightness of the conveyor belt in time to ensure uniform stress on the conveyor belt. In addition, users should always pay attention to timely lubrication of the friction surface to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and increase its service life.

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