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Product Recommendation, Screening Tool——TK Series Horizontal Screen

July 3, 2023    Hawk

The horizontal vibrating screen mainly improves the screening performance and efficiency through the elliptical motion track. It has a strong structure and a large processing capacity. It is an ideal new screening equipment.

In recent years, horizontal screens have played an increasingly important role in the screening operations of mining, building materials, and other industries due to their powerful processing capacity and precise particle size classification effect.

TK series horizontal screen, independently developed and designed by DHL, has 4 types of equipment, which has the advantages of the large capacity of inclined circular vibrating screen and high efficiency of linear vibrating screening, large processing capacity, better screening performance, and screening accuracy higher. The maximum feed particle size is 150mm, and it can complete material classification operations of 110-1100 tons per hour. It can be widely used in quarries, mines, building materials, electric power, coal mines, and chemical industries.

working principle:
The horizontal screen is directly driven by a motor through a flexible connection to an exciter with eccentric mass, which can make the sieve bed perform periodic asymmetrical reciprocating mechanical vibration. Through the self-synchronization principle of mechanical vibration, the reasonable spatial arrangement of two or more exciters enables the sieve bed to achieve a stable self-synchronized elliptical vibration trajectory. The material moves on the sieve surface with the sieve bed in a high-speed ellipse, rapidly stratifies, passes through the sieve, moves forward, and finally completes the grading of the material.

Product advantages:
low installation height
The plant height is reduced by about 2m.
Small footprint
The floor area is reduced by 5-10%, and the length of the conveyor belt is correspondingly shortened by 5-20%.
better performance
The motion track of the sieve bed is an ellipse, which takes into account the advantages of the large capacity of inclined circular vibration and the high screening efficiency of linear vibration. It has a larger processing capacity, better screen penetration, higher screening accuracy, and is not easy to block materials.
self-synchronization technology
Using advanced self-synchronization technology, no mandatory synchronization mechanism. The structure is simple and reliable, and the maintenance is convenient.
unique mesh
The unique curved screen structure makes the thickness of the material layer on the screen surface more uniform;
Screens last longer
Materials jump and move on the screen surface, causing little friction on the screen, so the service life of the screen is more than three times that of the traditional screen.
fully assembled structure
The frame adopts a fully assembled structure, which is convenient for installation and transportation. The frame can be customized according to requirements.

As a listed company engaged in sand and gravel equipment manufacturing and manufacturing services, DHL has always adhered to the corporate vision of “creating a mutually beneficial and win-win platform and realizing the dream of partners”, persistently promoting technological innovation, improving product quality, and promotes lean and intelligent manufacturing with ingenuity. Empowerment leads to innovation and development

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