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We provide you with a complete set of gravel-crushing and sand-making solutions. We have thousands of successful cases in many places to provide you with field visits and experience sharing. Our advantage lies in providing you with overall solutions, perfect after-sales service, and technical support

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Construction site diagram of jaw crusher, cone and screening equipment

No matter what type of crushed raw material it is, we can combine and match equipment through our professional solutions. Finally, we can give customers a very satisfactory answer.

Case Appreciation of XC INTELLIGENT Mobile Crusher Pingwu Construction Site

The customer’s several XC cone crushers have reduced the customer’s large cost investment and accelerated the customer’s profitability.

Mobile crushing equipment production site

For the different hourly production requirements of customers, our equipment can easily cope with it through model matching.

How to correctly choose a mobile crusher that can perfectly match the processed raw materials?

This production case is mainly to process pebbles in the river, and the output is required to be more than 120 tons per hour. In order to provide customers with

Let’s See Why XC1213D-PLUS Mobile Impact Crusher Can Be The “Fighter” In Crushers?

The actual situation of this project case is as follows. A customer in Mianyang City, Sichuan, used a Metso mobile crusher before purchasing our XC1213D-PLUS mobile impact crusher. So here