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Overall advantages and characteristics of mobile crushing station

February 5, 2024    Hawk

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1. It adopts a well-known brand of PLC intelligent control system and is equipped with an independent intelligent control room (optional). You can control the operation of the equipment while sitting in the control room. It can be operated with simple installation, saving time and worry.
2. In response to environmental protection requirements, the equipment has its unique design, equipped with dust collection, iron removal, and spray devices.
3. To break the limitations of tire-type mobile crushers, our company uses the well-known brand Strickland crawler track, which has a heavy chassis load, large driving force, and high stability during equipment operation.
4. Comes with its own independent walking unit, which is convenient for transportation and quick to transfer the equipment. The small turning radius makes it easier to drive in the rugged and harsh road environment of the crushing site, and is more conducive to entering reasonable construction areas, providing a more flexible operating space for the overall crushing process.
5. Don’t be afraid of long-distance transportation. Our crawler mobile crushing and screening station belongs to cargo transportation. It uses pallets for long-distance transportation. It is a bulk piece and is easy to obtain a certificate. It reduces the cost of material transportation. It can crush materials on the first line on site and eliminates the need to transport materials away. The intermediate link of on-site re-crushing and processing greatly reduces the transportation cost of materials.
6. Equipped with a diesel engine to drive the crawler track and extend and fold the equipment. After the equipment is in place, it can be connected to an external power source and the electric drive will drive the host to crush and provide all power needs for other operations. The whole machine is integrated and molded at one time, with a large crushing ratio.
7. High-efficiency crushing can provide more flexible process configurations based on customer requirements for material types and products in the process to meet various user requirements such as mobile crushing and mobile screening.
8. According to the requirements of the on-site production environment, a fog cannon can be optionally equipped to deal with dust reduction.

Operation and maintenance

production operations
1. The equipment is equipped with a comprehensive and systematic operation manual and spare parts manual to maximize the learning and use of on-site operators. In addition, after the equipment is admitted, our professional service engineers will conduct comprehensive and detailed theoretical training and on-site operation demonstrations.
2. Our company supports online and offline two-way training;
3. Equipment delivery is completed by professional after-sales service engineers, with on-site training on equipment operation, daily maintenance, and simple troubleshooting;
4. Our technical engineering team will visit customers from time to time to solve customer problems and protect the equipment.

Good equipment maintenance is key to long-term operation of equipment
1. During the production process of mobile crushers, we also need to pay attention to the following points to ensure safety during the production process.
2. First of all, operators should have certain professional knowledge and understand the structure and performance of mobile crushers to ensure that they can operate and maintain the equipment correctly. Secondly, when using the crusher, overload work should be avoided to avoid damage to the equipment. At the same time, regularly check the wear and tear of the equipment and replace worn parts in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
3. Pay attention to the maintenance of mobile crushers. Regular care and maintenance can effectively extend the service life of equipment and reduce production costs. Lubricate the crusher regularly to keep the lubricant inside the equipment sufficient; clean the vibrating screen regularly to ensure the inside of the equipment is clean; regularly check the wear degree of wearing parts to ensure the equipment is in good working condition.
4. Mobile crushing production operating procedures are common sense that every operator needs to understand. Only by strictly following operating procedures can the stability and efficiency of the production process be ensured.

Equipment transportation

Equipment transportation
1. Long-distance transportation: Don’t be afraid of long-distance transshipment. Our crawler mobile crushing and screening station belongs to cargo transportation. It uses 4-line pallet trucks with a total length of 20 meters for long-distance transportation. It is a bulk piece and is easy to obtain a certificate. It reduces the cost of material transportation and can carry out on-site crushing of materials on the first line. It eliminates the intermediate steps of transporting materials from the site to crushing and processing, which greatly reduces the transportation costs of materials.
2. Short-distance transportation: The device is equipped with a wired/wireless remote control, which can directly operate the device;
The average walking speed of the device is 1.2km/h, which is not suitable for long-distance transitions;
Pay attention to road safety when walking the equipment to avoid collision and damage to the equipment.

1. Before transportation, make sure that the performance of the vehicle is intact and that all safety facilities fully comply with regulations.
2. During transportation, drive slowly and avoid emergency braking and sharp turns to avoid sliding or rollover. While traveling, pay attention to the surrounding environment and avoid roadblocks and other dangerous objects in advance.
3. Do a good job in fixing the mobile crusher, and use iron chains to fix the equipment on a solid support to prevent the mobile crusher from sliding or tilting during driving.
4. Make sure that personnel stay away from moving equipment to avoid accidents during transportation.
5. Clean the mobile crusher regularly. During transportation, avoid causing pollution to the surrounding environment.

Matching plan: crawler mobile crushing and screening station

1. In the process of mobile crushing production configuration, strive to achieve economical matching. Before configuring equipment for customers, communicate the product usage with customers in advance. Fully understand the type, specifications, and production requirements of crushed materials.
2. Factors such as production cost, energy consumption, and production capacity need to be considered and strive to be economical when equipping equipment. Also pay attention to the durability of consumables to reduce subsequent maintenance costs.
3. Fully consider the site and resource supply to ensure that the equipment layout is reasonable and compact and can meet production needs.
4. Fully consider the customer’s usage and processing capabilities, and adopt different process solutions, such as single-machine production, multi-machine combination closed-circuit circulation, etc.
5. According to the size, hardness, scale of the masterbatch and the equipment suggested by the customer.

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