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Let’s See Why XC1213D-PLUS Mobile Impact Crusher Can Be The “Fighter” In Crushers?

June 18, 2023    Hawk

Let’s take a look at the actual case to see what it really does to get such a powerful title!

This is a real engineering case in Sichuan, China

Track mobile impact crushing station XC-1213D PLUS
Processing concrete at a construction site in Sichuan
The processing capacity is as high as 100-350 tons/hour; the crushing ratio is large, and the particle shape of the crushed material is cubic
Mobile transfers improve customer utilization, reduce production costs, and require fewer personnel to manage easily

The actual situation of this project case is as follows. A customer in Mianyang City, Sichuan, used a Metso mobile crusher before purchasing our XC1213D-PLUS mobile impact crusher. So here comes the question, since he has used Metso’s crusher, why should he purchase from us instead of continuing to cooperate with Metso? This is where the problem lies, let’s take a look at the specific reasons.

In the beginning, the customer purchased a Metso mobile crusher at a high price. He believed that Metso was an international brand and was trustworthy, so he began to put it into production with all his strength. But what he never expected was that this international big brand started to have problems three months after it was put into production, and repaired it repeatedly, but it never solved the customer’s problem from the root cause, because the problem reappeared not long after the repair. In the end, the customer really had no choice but to get rid of the Metso mobile crusher in his hand, but the production still had to continue, so the customer found us through the network channel. In the beginning, the customer explained to us the problems he faced, hoping that we could solve his problems from the root and meet his production needs. Through the exchange of technical details with him, we grasped the real needs of the customer from the source. Next, we designed the finished product according to the customer’s needs and made a final quotation to the customer. The customer was very pleasantly surprised when he saw the quotation. , because the purchase cost will be much lower than Metso’s mobile crusher of the same level. Seeing the price, the customer was still worried about whether it could be compared with his previous Metso equipment, but later he was completely convinced by the actual performance. From the moment the customer got our product, there has been no mechanical failure at all during the three months of continuous production, and the production capacity has surprised the customer.

It is now the third year that this customer has used our products. During these three years, the customer has also purchased the same type of crusher equipment and other crusher equipment with different functions from us. In addition to regular replacement of wearable parts, no other maintenance at all. This makes customers very happy. And our wear-resistant parts are made of very sufficient materials, which are not easy to wear compared to other brands.

Why do we have to be meticulous in quality? Because we want to provide a brand of intelligent mechanical equipment with reliable quality, durable quality, and reasonable price to the world. Therefore, the crusher must be XC-INTELLIGENT and worthy of customer trust!

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