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How to prevent jaw crusher wear and what maintenance methods are there?

July 3, 2023    Hawk

The jaw crusher is the most commonly used equipment in the crusher industry, but when the jaw crusher is used for a long time, there will be certain wear and tear. How to prevent the wear of the jaw crusher and improve the service life of the jaw crusher:

1. The jaw crusher increases the amount of interference with the fit. Due to the gap fit that may occur in the transition fit of the jaw crusher, the backlash occurs when the load is reversed, causing the relative vibration of the contact surface to form fretting wear. The connection bearing capacity achieved by the interference fit is high, and it can work more reliably under shock and vibration loads, and the greater the interference, the more obvious the effect, but the greater the assembly stress.
2. The jaw crusher is changed into an expansion-tight connection by changing the key connection. The expansion connection is a static connection in which one or several expansion coupling sleeves (composed of inner and outer tapered sleeves) are assembled between the hub hole and the shaft to simultaneously compress the shaft and the hub under the action of axial force , can transmit torque, axial force or a combination of both loads.
3. The jaw crusher eliminates relative vibration by improving processing accuracy. The joint surface of the fixed or movable jaw plate is plane ground to reduce the joint gap of the assembly surface, so as to eliminate relative vibration and reduce fretting wear.
Fourth, the jaw crusher increases the liner between the contact surfaces. A liner is added between the fixed jaw plate and the front wall of the jaw crusher to protect the front wall of the frame. The liner is spot-welded on the front wall for easy replacement.
5. The jaw crusher improves the resistance to fretting wear by increasing the surface hardness. Surface modification technologies such as heat treatment, surface coating, and surfacing welding are used to improve fretting wear resistance.
The above five points are the methods summarized by the crushing industry to reduce the wear of the jaw crusher. In this way, on the one hand, the working output of the jaw crusher can be improved, and on the other hand, the service life of the jaw crusher can be extended.

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