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Hebei iron ore crushing production line project

July 2, 2023    Hawk

Raw material: iron ore; finished product requirements: 12mm or less, after crushing, the crushed material will go through a ball mill for primary selection. ; Output requirement: 1000T/H

Equipment used: jaw crusher PEV950*1250/1, cone crusher PYYZ500/1, PYY500/2, disc feeder ZZG1320/2, feeder ZSW1550/1, vibrating screen 2YK3075/4 tower

Background of the project

The Hebei iron ore crushing production line project is another successful case of cooperation between a large iron and steel enterprise in Hebei and our company in Fuping County. The complete set of equipment for the crushing section is provided by DHL. The project passed the bidding competition, and the customer finally chose to cooperate with DHL after comprehensively evaluating multiple bidding equipment suppliers. The whole production line adopts the technological process of jaw crusher + coarse cone crusher + fine cone crusher + magnetic separation and screening, and the finished product requires less than 12mm.

live situation

The raw material is open-pit blasting mining, mainly iron-bearing hematite. The raw materials after blasting are transported to the material table by the transport vehicle, and enter the jaw crusher PEV950X1250 through the feeder ZSW1550 for coarse crushing. The ore is crushed to less than 250mm, and then sent to the coarse crushing cone crusher PYYZ500 through the conveyor belt for further crushing. The crushed ore enters the vibrating screen 2YK3075 (two sets) for sorting, and sorts out two kinds of materials of 0-12mm and more than 12mm. Materials over 12mm are transported into the transfer bin by the conveyor belt for stacking, and are ready for use in the subsequent crushing section.
The fine crushing section adopts two fine crushing cone crushers PYY500 for crushing, and then carries out strong magnetic throwing and screening, and the 0-12mm finished material is sorted out and enters the follow-up ball mill for grinding. Materials larger than 12mm are returned to the cone crusher for crushing again.

client feedback
I am very satisfied with the cooperation with DHL this time. The professional level of DHL is reflected in the planning and design of the site and the selection of equipment. I look forward to another opportunity to cooperate with DHL in the future.

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