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DHL’s high-quality crushing and screening equipment helps customers upgrade their old crushing production lines

July 3, 2023    Hawk

Freight vehicles carrying DHL PYY500C single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, G90×60C high-pressure roller mill, LX1500 spiral sand washing machine, and other large-scale equipment slowly drive to the gate of the factory area, and are about to go to Ganzhou, Jiangxi to help customers produce 300 tons of granite waste per hour Line upgrade and transformation projects increased production and efficiency.

Project Address: Chongyi County, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province
Raw material: Granite
Capacity: 300 tons per hour (sand and gravel are produced at the same time)
Finished product specifications: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm
Production process: Four-stage crushing, dry before and wet after, high-quality sand making by high-pressure roller mill, controllable adjustment of the sand-stone ratio
Main equipment configuration:
ZZG1320 feeder
ZSW1350 feeder
PYY500C single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
G90×60C High-Pressure Roller Mill
LX1500 Spiral Sand Washing Machine

product description
PPY series single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

1. Equipped with an automatic lubricating and cooling thin oil system, programmable control, adjusting the lubricating oil temperature according to the ambient temperature, with a high degree of automatic control.
2. Equipped with a positive pressure dust removal system, which can ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic system and is easy to operate.
3. Configure the human-computer interaction platform to realize the dialogue between man and machine, and timely forecast (alarm) alarm.
4. It can feed materials at full load, and the output is 20%-30% higher than that of the previous generation.
5. The moving cone is made of alloy steel forgings, and the frame is cast at one time to form a long service life.
6. The wearing parts are easy to replace, and the broken wall and other parts can be disassembled, replaced, and installed within 4 hours

LX1500 Spiral Sand Washing Machine

1. The spiral body is long, the sand washing stroke is long and the speed is slow, which can effectively separate impurities from sand, less stone powder loss, and low water content in the sand, which meets the requirements of high-standard construction sand.
2. The whole equipment has a sealed design and a simple structure. The key components are isolated from water and sand, which can reduce damage to components, and the failure rate is low, which can ensure long-term use.
3. All the spirals are equipped with wear-resistant sheets, which can be replaced individually according to the degree of wear of the wear-resistant sheets, which is convenient for repair and maintenance, and also reduces the loss of the spiral parts of the sand washing machine.
4. The processing capacity of a single screw is 40-120 tons per hour, and the processing capacity of a double screw is 80-280 tons per hour, with strong processing capacity and high output.

After the equipment arrives at the customer’s site smoothly, DHL’s professional installers will immediately carry out the installation and commissioning of the equipment to ensure that the customer’s project can be put into production and increase efficiency as soon as possible. In the follow-up, DHL will also conduct regular return visits to customers to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment.
As an A-share listed company in the sand and gravel equipment manufacturing industry, DHL always adheres to the “customer-centric” value and meets the diversified needs of customers with high-quality products and high-quality services. The trust and recognition of customers are the sources of DHL’s development. In the future, DHL will also continue to innovate, continuously upgrade and optimize products, and constantly break through itself, and is committed to creating greater value for more customers with first-class products and services.

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