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Design principles of professional customized sand and gravel production line

July 3, 2023    Hawk

1. Try to achieve no waste output as much as possible, to ensure that each specification of material can be produced according to demand, and the excess stone of a certain specification can be sand-made at any time to improve the utilization efficiency of resources.

2. The technological process is reasonable, reducing useless work. The material is from coarse crushing to medium crushing to screening, and different types of equipment may be used in different stages. It is necessary to reserve enough adjustment space in the design, so that the operator can adjust as needed. For example, the selection of screen specifications and the adjustment of the discharge opening of the crusher are all systematic adjustments, not random adjustments to the ore discharge opening or screen aperture of a single machine, but to be able to be systematically adjusted according to the production status of the entire system .

3. If the second crushing equipment chooses the cone crusher, it is necessary to reserve a stable material bin for the cone crusher, so as to ensure the uniform feeding and full feeding of the cone crusher. It is advisable to ensure that the cone crusher is fed for 10-20 minutes. Making full use of the efficiency of the cone crusher is still beneficial to the protection of the crushing wall.

4. We must pay attention to the quality of sand and gravel. In the past, we may not have cared about this. However, with the requirements of sand and gravel quality for engineering project teams and the increase of stone factories, only good quality sand and gravel will have a competitive advantage.

5. Pay attention to environmental protection. The future will be an era of environmental protection machinery. Projects that do not pay attention to environmental protection will be banned or eliminated.

6. Combined with the actual needs of users and raw material conditions, the above is meaningful.

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