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Customer case of 800 tons of limestone project in Anshun, Guizhou

July 2, 2023    Hawk

This project is a large-scale sand and gravel aggregate project in Pingba District, and the site design is standardized, and there are only 5 link conveyor belts between the main hosts.
Since it was put into production, the project has been running stably, and the DHL equipment has been used well, which has been affirmed by customers.

The project is equipped with DHL’s PEV1200*1600B jaw crusher, PF1520B impact crusher, XHL1145A impact crusher, and other crushing and screening equipment

The 800-ton-per-hour limestone project of Huilong Building Materials Co., Ltd., undertaken by DHL, is located in Pingba District. The project started construction in March 2021 and was officially completed and put into operation in August.

Project Overview
Raw material type: Limestone
Area: 20 acres
Production process: dry production
Product specifications: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-16mm, 16-28mm, 28-35mm, 35-60mm
Application market: Mainly used in the construction of Guiyang Fourth Ring Expressway and the construction of cities around Pingba
The finished products of the project have various specifications and are widely used. They are mainly used in the construction of Guiyang Fourth Ring Expressway, Pingba and surrounding cities.

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