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Case display of 1000t/h granite sand production line in a quarry in Ganxian County

July 2, 2023    Hawk

Raw material: granite; site area: 7500㎡; output requirement: 1000t/h

Finished material: 0-5 5-10mm (25%), 10-20mm (30%), 20-31.5mm (30%), 31.5-40mm (15%)
Configuration models: feeder, jaw crusher, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, high-efficiency impact crusher, vibrating screen, feeder, conveyor, etc.
Finished product supply: local mixing station materials

Project Status:
The project is located in Ganzhou, Jiangxi Province, which is known as “Wuhua Tianbao, Outstanding People”. There are many ancient buildings from the past dynasties and natural landscapes such as Danxia landform in the jurisdiction. The local government pays attention to the harmony and synchronization between development and nature and has strict control over the establishment of mechanism-based sand yards.
To build a 1000t/h granite sand production line in a site of 7500 square meters, equipment configuration layout, and circuit wiring have become difficult points. Because granite is a hard rock, the sand-making process is longer than that of ordinary rock. In order to free up the site for the smooth entry and exit of vehicles, our company’s business personnel have discussed and communicated with customers many times, and plan to use PEV1200*1600 jaw crusher + PYY500 Cone Crusher (Medium Coarse Crushing Type) + PYY500 Cone Crusher (Fine Crushing Type) + XHL1145 High-efficiency Sand Making Machine Combination Scheme, this model can meet the basic demand of 1000t/h production, and can avoid using it to meet the production requirements Multiple devices connected in series cause an unsafe situation where the passing area of the site is too narrow. Under the multi-party argumentation of the design institute, this scheme is feasible. It is also verified from the side that the DHL jaw crusher + cone crusher + high-efficiency sand-making machine has mature technology and high reputation, and has been recognized in the Jiangxi market.
In addition, this project has especially done the following environmental protection treatment:
1. Spray water and humidify the sieving place, which can effectively reduce dust during vibrating sieving;
2. Control the unloading height of the belt conveyor, and install the baffle plate and buffer chute, which can reduce the dust during unloading;
3. The sewage can be used or discharged after being treated in the sedimentation tank;
4. The tailings recovery machine can effectively recover fine sand below 0.075mm, increase the utilization rate of tailings and increase the output, and at the same time make the finished product gradation continuous and the fineness modulus moderate, meeting the requirements of high-grade concrete for machine-made sand.

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