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Case Appreciation of Shandong Gold Ore Crushing Production Line Project

July 2, 2023    Hawk

Shandong Gold Ore Crushing Production Line——Green Environmental Protection Crushing Plant

It is a turnkey project of a large gold enterprise in Shandong undertaken by DHL. The project fully considers economic benefits and environmental protection requirements, and the design, construction, installation, and equipment provision of the entire project are independently completed by DHL.

live situation

The ore raw material is mined underground, and the ore is roughly crushed by the jaw crusher PEV750X1060 installed underground, and then transported to the crushing plant in the mine for stacking.
The stacked mineral semi-finished materials are fed into the cone crusher PYY300 by the feeder for crushing. After the crushed material is screened in the initial stage, the material larger than 12mm enters the fine crushing type PYY300 cone crusher for fine crushing, and then is screened by the vibrating screen 3YK2170, The particle size of the finished product is controlled at 0-12mm to meet the requirements of the subsequent ball mill for grinding operations.

client feedback

The entire crushing production line has been used for several years, the equipment has been running stably, and the output has reached the design requirements. On-site operators are also very easy to operate and maintain. Except for normal maintenance and parts replacement, there are very few equipment failures. We are also very grateful to the after-sales and technical personnel of DHL, who can regularly visit the site for return visits and technical guidance and have achieved early prevention and early detection of accidents. I am very satisfied with DHL’s equipment stability and after-sales service.

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