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Case Appreciation of Green Intelligent Sandstone Mine Crushing Production Line Equipment

July 2, 2023    Hawk

We practice scientific and technological innovation, take into account environmental protection and development, and launch an environmentally friendly intelligent crushing plant; with standardization and intelligence as the standard, we provide customers with high-end complete solutions

We are a manufacturer of high-end crushing and screening equipment and an overall solution provider

In order to meet the needs of mine green development and transformation and practice the concept of green mine development, Hubei has built three high-standard crushing production lines for the purpose of green ecological restoration.

Project highlights: The visualization system in the control room of the project includes an equipment control system, video surveillance system, and data integration system. Among them, the equipment control system adjusts and monitors each piece of equipment in the production line; the video monitoring system is used to monitor the operation status of each piece of equipment and the real-time situation of each location in the factory area; the data integration system integrates and analyzes the data in each system.

Green Mine – means that during the development and utilization of mineral resources, enterprises conduct scientific and orderly mining, and keep the disturbance to the mining area and the surrounding ecological environment during the development process within a controllable range. A green mine is a mine that maintains the ecological environment, scientifically mines, efficiently utilizes mineral resources, digitizes the entire process of information, and harmonizes the mining community.


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