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At the Changsha Large-scale Machinery Exhibition in 2023, our XC series products have once again been affirmed by customers from all over the world

July 3, 2023    Hawk

All models of XC INTELLIGENT products in this exhibition are very eye-catching, but it is still the counter-attack mobile crusher XC1213 known as the “fighter” among our crushers that won the top spot

XC1213 mobile impact crusher is famous for its rough performance, there is no crushing raw material that it cannot complete, and no production environment that it cannot overcome, so it has always been a star product among many mobile crushers.

In this exhibition, not only many Chinese customers signed contracts for cooperative procurement on the spot, but also many customers from other countries came to sign contracts for procurement. Like our stationary crushing production line, our mobile crushers have become a popular product that satisfies customers all over the world!

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