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Appreciation of the case of 1,000 tons of sand and gravel aggregate project in Ya’an, Sichuan

July 2, 2023    Hawk

The project adopts DHL equipment and is equipped with a water circulation system to achieve zero discharge of sewage; in addition, the water method production process effectively controls the powder content and water content of the machine-made sand to meet the use of high-standard concrete

At present, the main equipment such as the host computer has been installed

Project Overview
Raw materials: pebbles, rocks
Output: 1000t/h
Land occupation: about 70 mu
Production process: water production, machine-made sand dehydration
Finished product specifications: 0-5 (natural sand), 0-5 machine-made sand, 5-10, 10-20, 20-31.5
Application market: high-quality commercial concrete

The project site
The project purchased one DHL feeder ZSW1860, one jaw crusher PEV1200X1400, two jaw crushers PEV600X900, one high-efficiency impact crusher 8HL1280Y, one high-efficiency impact crusher XHL1145, two heavy-duty vibrating screens 3ZYK3075, two vibrating screens 3YK3075 Taiwan, two vibrating screens 3YK3675, ten sand washing machines LX1500, five tailings recovery integrated machines HS 3060 and other crushing and screening equipment.

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