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Anhui Zongyang 1000T/H Aggregate Production Line Project Case

July 2, 2023    Hawk

Project background: The mining company is engaged in the mining and processing of granite for construction. The mining area is 1.5 square kilometers and the production scale is 500,000 cubic meters.

The overall optimization plan: After the jaw crusher is processed, it will directly fall into the intermediate crushing silo, and directly enter the intermediate crushing cone through a conveyor about 300 meters away. The sky-shattering bin passes through the vibrating feeder and enters fine crushing, and then crushes and enters the vibrating screen for screening.

For mining enterprises, a qualified supplier must not only have advanced technology, high-quality products, good reputation, and perfect after-sales guarantee, but also have an in-depth understanding of the user’s technology and needs, and provide users with a one-stop mine Overall design of the solution and optimization. We learned that, like many of our clients, the company focused on:
1. The quality of the company’s products;
2. Guarantee of after-sales service and spare parts supply;
3. Whether the cooperation between each machine and the output can meet the expectation;
More than 30 years of pursuit and exploration in the sand and gravel industry has allowed DHL to enjoy the reputation of a high-quality supplier of one-stop service for the mine as a whole. Deal with details in a timely manner and ensure the timely supply of spare parts. This service dispels customers’ doubts about after-sales services; DHL provides guarantees for optimization schemes, equipment installation, commissioning operations, and follow-up services, so that customers can rest assured It saves labor, and at the same time, the matching of the whole system is better, and the system runs efficiently and stably, so the output is more stable and the sustainable profitability is improved. This kind of service makes customers very satisfied, word of mouth spreads, and surrounding mining companies also visit the site to learn from experience. DHL takes the concept of green mine crushing as the core, practices the “two mountain theory”, and creates benefits for customers!

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