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350 tons of high-quality sand and gravel aggregate project in Xingyi, Guizhou

July 2, 2023    Hawk

The Bridge and Tunnel Engineering Branch of China Railway Third Bureau Group Co., Ltd. and DHL have built 350 tons of high-quality high-quality aggregate sand and gravel project in Qingshuihe Town, Xingyi City, Guizhou Province for the construction of Panxing Railway. The project was completed in October 2020 Construction began, and it will be officially completed and put into operation in April 2021.

Since the project was put into production, DHL equipment has been operating well, achieving a win-win situation for environmental protection and production capacity, and has continued to supply materials for Panxing Railway

Project Overview
Raw material type: Limestone
Area: 40 acres
Production process: wet production
Product specifications: 0-3mm 5-10mm 10-20mm 20-31.5mm
Application market: Panxing high-speed rail materials
Equipment configuration: feeder ZSW1550, jaw crusher PEV950×1250, feeder ZZG1320, cone crusher PYY500, vibrating screen 2YK3075, impact crusher XHL1145, vibrating screen 2YK3075, vibrating screen 3YK3075, sand washing machine LX1500 four sets, Two dehydration screens HST3060, three large filter presses

The project is based on the premise of “green and environmental protection”, and is designed in strict accordance with the construction standards of green mines. The whole process of crushing, transportation, and storage adopts a fully enclosed structure, and the whole process is produced by the wet method. The water mist dust suppression system is installed in the place where dust is easy to be generated, which greatly reduces dust pollution in the production area;
The project uses a water circulation system. DHL provided a 400 cubic meter conical thickening tank and three large filter presses. After the muddy sewage is recycled through the filter press, it enters the clear water tank for recycling and reuse, and the mud is compressed into cakes and passed through the Truck out. The circulating water is about 300 cubic meters per hour, realizing zero discharge of sewage utilization.

The project is equipped with a monitoring system for intelligent management and control, which escorts the safe and stable operation of the project.

According to the person in charge of the project, the project realizes the production of high-quality aggregates – the fineness modulus of the finished sand is 2.6~2.8, and the quality of the finished product is good, which meets the material standards for high-speed rail.

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